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Sam Hates LTO
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Veeam Archiver Porxy

Post by Sam Hates LTO »


We have noticed that the Veeam.archiver.proxy used an insane amount of CPU & RAM on our repo servers. We have found a few posts talking about changing the number of threads.

We are looking for what people might recommend on the number of threads the proxy can use? the default looks to be 64. Is there a Veeam recommendation or is it just play with the settings until you find the right fit?


Veeam Software
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Re: Veeam Archiver Porxy

Post by Polina »

Hi Sam,

When active, a proxy consumes CPU and RAM a lot (and that's expected). By reducing the number of threads you will lower the load on resources, but at the same time, it'll result in slower backups. There's no recommendation other than using the defaults, and when adjusting threads it's indeed a hit-or-miss play.

Another thing to note is that some RAM is also consumed by the Jet engine. You can check for more details in our Best Practices guide.


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