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Salesforce User Permissions

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I'm looking to clarify some things in regard to permissions required when setting up the API integration

The user guide says:
Veeam Backup for Salesforce requires a Standard User with the Salesforce license type to connect to a Salesforce organization to perform backup and restore operations for Salesforce resources. Note that free Salesforce Integration Users cannot perform backup and restore operations.
The user whose credentials are used to authorize the connection must be assigned full permissions required to read and modify data:
• System Administrator profile (grants broad permissions immediately, but not all the required ones).
• Permission set that has the following permissions enabled:
--o Query All Files permission to back up all files.
--o View and Edit Converted Leads permission to restore converted leads.
--o Permissions for all custom record types of objects to restore records of custom types.
--o Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation permission to restore original values in audit fields when restoring deleted records.
--o Update Records with Inactive Owners permission to restore deleted records owned by inactive users.
does VBS require the System Administrator profile? or can a Standard User profile be used in addition to assigning a permission set with the listed permissions?

one of our instances is Salesforce-as-a-service and they only grant me 2 System Administrator users for the entire org.
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Re: Salesforce User Permissions

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Hey 👋
You can use a regular account and extend permissions with a permission set that includes modify all data, and other permissions that are in the help, and needed for editing (restoring) your data.
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