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Advice on routing Veeam traffic

Post by icebun »

I am runnning the latest version of Veeam on Windows server 2003 VMs with the backup repository being a QNAP NAS box.

Sometimes I need to run a backup jub during the day which slows down the network.

Can anyone advise the easiest way of segregating the Veeam traffic out?

I thought about putting our QNAP NAS on a dedicated switch (or Vlan), put 2 nics on the Veeam servers with one dedicated for Veeam traffic on the same switch or Vlan.

Has anyone done this and if so advise how thet managed to route the Veeam traffic to a particular NIC card?

Any other advise would be appreciated.
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Re: Advice on routing Veeam traffic

Post by J1mbo »

It depends on the operation mode you're using. For example if using the most basic network mode and ESX, so adding host file entires for the ESX servers with VMK's on the same dedicated backup VLAN will do the trick.

If it's direct SAN access so the bottleneck is likely in the storage servicing the requests, than the network.
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Re: Advice on routing Veeam traffic

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Putting QNAP NAS on a dedicated switch and then adding this device by IP address from the separate VLAN would keep the traffic within your new network. There are similar threads below, please look them through: Pin Backup jobs to 1 nic and force network traffic btw proxy and repository to nic

Hope this helps!
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