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"All in One" Server

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Hello Veeam team!

A question about an "All in One" server: A customer has a single, isolated file server. This is installed with Windows Server 2022 and has a built-in SAS LTO7 tape drive. Would it be possible to run Veeam Backup&Recovery, the Windows Agent and a Veeam tape server on the same server at the same time in order to back up itself, first to a disk partition and then to a tape? (I am aware that this solution is a bit oversized...)
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Re: "All in One" Server

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Hi Marcus

Welcome to the forum.

While it‘s technically possible, we don‘t recommend it. Backup workload should be separated from production workload.

If you decide to go this unconventional way, you should use a separat partition for the veeam backup files. Then create an agent backup targeted to this separat partition. Make sure that you exclude your backup partition from the agent backup. From there, write veeam agent backup to the tape.

You may also use File 2 Tape Jobs for the file server data. An Agent Backup wouldn‘t be required.

Please consider offering the customer the right design. Using a single server for every workload (production, backup) isn‘t recommended.

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