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Backing up MYSQL databases and VSS

Post by Daveyd »

I am in a trial version of Veeam and have several Windows 2008 x64 VMs that use MYSQL databases pretty hard. I would like to backup the enire VMs with precautions since theses are very important VMs. I was not sure is MYSQL is VSS aware or not and was not sure what option in Veeam to choose when doing the VM level backups...Enable VM Tools quiescence or Enable Veeam VSS integration. I would like a transactionally consistent backup if possible but don't know if that is possible for MYSQL.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Backing up MYSQL databases and VSS

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Dave,

Try running the following two commands in the VM and see if output contains any MySQL VSS related writers and providers:

Code: Select all

vssadmin list writers
vssadmin list providers
But as far as I know, MySQL doesn't have any VSS writers, so you should you use VMware Tools quiescence with pre-freeze and post-thaw scripts to keep your application in consistent state.

Here is a existing thread that that should be relevant for you: ... sql#p15101

Hope it helps!
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Backing Up MySQL on Windows Server

Post by habibalby »


Hi Guys,

I have several Windows Servers installed with MYSQL, when I back them up using Application-Aware feature, will VSS consider MYSQL for the backup or I have to go through the batch script to backup the DB or VMToos post-script?
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[MERGED] Is there Support for DB2 & MySQL ?

Post by skydok »

i Have a Customer with MySQL& DB2 Databases on Windows Servers and wanted to know if Veeam does know how to create a Consistent Backup? Also Regarding Replication.
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Re: Backing up MYSQL databases and VSS

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Additionally, there is a dedicated white paper regarding backing up MySQL server residing on Linux VM. It can be found here.

Same approach should be used for Windows instance as well, without any differences (same prefreeze/postthaw scripts as described).

Hope this helps.
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Re: Backing up MYSQL databases and VSS

Post by mikents »

The link seems to be broken.
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