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Backint for SAP HANA "Veeam-Features" like BackupCopy

Post by DaStivi » Feb 15, 2019 1:01 pm

Hello there,
i'm in an POC or better said FeatureMatrix/usability fight with Dataprotector on how Veeam SAP Hana BackInt Plugin works…

As HannesK statet here: post313444.html#p313444 the Backint Backup Files from SAP Hana are Veeam proprietary files (VAB) i also see that there must be some compression or whatsoever gooing on, fine on that so far…

what i miss, i don't see easily where These files reside, i mean: i've got an SOBR with 8 extents, and the vab files are somewhere… i've to search them via the filebrowser… i'm not able to view them via normal Backups/disk view under the home tab!

i understand that Veeam hosts really the backup repository only, not exactly as we still see a backup Job Status at least...
what brings me to my 2nd fight with Dataprotector, the Backup Admin told me with dataprotector its possible to determine the Retention Period on what backups are retained! i'm not sure on this, because backint (as rman for Oracle) is: "let the DB Admins do the backupjobs" from this Approach i full understand that Veeam can't bother the Retention period… ?!

3rd thing whats left (also some Dataprotector feature), it Looks like its not possible todo a backupcopy of the saphana backint files, i guess its like the Retention Thing, when Veeam does some backupcopy, SAP Hana Studio won't know that in theyr own managed Catalog, i'm not sure if it would be possible for the Veeam Plugin to parse the backupcopy files also through the Plugin into hana Studio... at least it would propably be possible to Import them manually when requierd…

another possibilty would simply be that it's a Policy to have all Backup Sets at least double retained somewhere in different datacenters (not really needed that sap Studio is Aware of the 2nd copy in the first place)

Besides these small Questions the sap hana admins are quite happy on how the Veeam SAP Hana backint Plugin works! :)

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Re: Backint for SAP HANA "Veeam-Features" like BackupCopy

Post by Gostev » Feb 15, 2019 1:37 pm 1 person likes this post

Hi, Stephan - thanks for your feedback. I know we're already working on #3, and I will let the PM behind this offering comment on the rest. Thanks!

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Re: Backint for SAP HANA "Veeam-Features" like BackupCopy

Post by p.sartorius » Feb 22, 2019 9:33 am

Hello, we want to leave our TSM backup solution for SAP HANA and see the same issues. Without a backupcopy, tapeintegration or cloudcopy we can't go to production.

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Re: Backint for SAP HANA "Veeam-Features" like BackupCopy

Post by Andreas Neufert » Feb 22, 2019 6:23 pm

Backup file. We pack the SAP and RMAN backup files into our format to apply compression dedup and additional metadata to them.

For example you can later import them to another veeam server and the import will add the metadata back to our database.

That said you can copy them arround as any other veeam backup file with storage replication, file 2 tape jobs and any other copy method. As Anton said we are looking into a better copy method for upcoming version.
Regarding naming. We create a job object per server with hostname and repository name. The folder in the repository or sobr extend has same name. By nature of SOBR we spread the backup file across extends, so you need to copy the folder with the jobname from all extends to have a complete copy. As I said we will make this more useful in next version.

Andreas Neufert
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Re: Backint for SAP HANA "Veeam-Features" like BackupCopy

Post by Andreas Neufert » Feb 22, 2019 6:27 pm

Regarding retention, as the goal of first version was to give the DBA full control of the backup process, he can delete old restore points as needed. You can find examples in our documentation. ... l?ver=95u4

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Re: Backint for SAP HANA "Veeam-Features" like BackupCopy

Post by rurouni » Jul 24, 2019 8:07 pm

Let me join the discussion, i'm interested in it.

We invested heavily in Veeam backup to replace our Legacy Dataprotector too.

We didn't proceed with Backint integration with veeam since it supports only Hana 2 databases. All our databases are Hana 1 SPS 12.
Meanwhile we performed successfull Tests with Backint integration directly on the Storeonce we bought with the Veeam Project.

However these questions come to my mind:
- How do you perform 3-2-1 when backup operations and catalog are operated at SAP Hana Level and since it only sees the primary backup repository.
- Would it be possible to perform copy jobs on SAP Hana DBs backed up with Veeam Backint Plugin on veeam Repositories?
- How do you proceed with Non Productive System Refresh when you use Backint integration? we're used to do it with File Backups we move on the target database prior to restore. Here, the Files don't seem to be available.


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Re: Backint for SAP HANA "Veeam-Features" like BackupCopy

Post by clemens.zerbe » Jul 25, 2019 9:56 am 1 person likes this post


let me comment on your questions and remarks.

HANA 1.0 -> see my post here.->veeam-backup-replication-f2/feature-req ... 60691.html

HANA 3-2-1 rule & copy jobs. -> The best workaround for 9.5U4 (as backup copy jobs are not supported) is to create an agent job which will backup the Repo/SAPHANA Job folders into a different repository. From there you can move this data to cloud tier/tape etc. We are aware that this is not optimal and will include 2 steps to recover the data. We are actually reviewing this feature to improve this in one of our future releases.

Non productive system refresh -> AKA SAP HANA SYSTEM copy. This if fully supported by our plugin. There is a command line switch to enable restores from other HANA systems:

Code: Select all

/opt/veeam/VeeamPluginforSAPHANA # SapBackintConfigTool --help
  --help                Show help
  --show-config         Show configuration parameters
  --wizard              Start configuration wizard
  --set-credentials arg Set credentials
  --set-host arg        Set backup server
  --set-port arg        Set backup server port
  --set-repository      Set backup respository
  --set-restore-server  Set source restore server for system copy processing
  --map-backup          Map backup
After setting this restore only parameter you can easily follow the SAP procedure to create a SAP HANA system copy. Just keep in mind that the source system will noted as <tenantname>@<sid>.


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