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Backup and Replication - Implications of Overlap?

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I have a number of guests for which I have created both a backup and a replication job.

The backup jobs are using a configured time to be run, the replication jobs are setup to be run every hour.

Should I be using the Scheduled Times dialog on the replication job to block out the hour during which the backup job will run?

My question really boils down to: what happens when a backup job is running and the replication job starts (or vice versa)?


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Re: Backup and Replication - Implications of Overlap?

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Hello Steve,

In case you have 2 jobs trying backup/replicate the same VM at one time, one of the jobs will fail, because the source VM will be locked by another job.

To workaround that you may run the replication job using post backup job script option right afterwards your backup job finishes,so you could avoid having 2 jobs running at the same time processing the same VM. Hope it helps.

Thank you!

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Re: Backup and Replication - Implications of Overlap?

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This is the actual error you will see... i had it this morning, but if you leave VB set to retry it will auto run and backup on the retry

Validating task
Failed to process VM "CSSQL02" (Host "") because it is already being processed by another job


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