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Backup deletion feature request

Post by Gunnersaurus »

Hi Veeam team

I wanted to raise a feature request for Backup & Replication when deleting backup data. In version 11 when right clicking a server under Backups > Disk there were options for "Remove from configuration" and "Delete from disk". In version 12 there was a UI change which removes the "Remove from configuration" option unless holding down control before right clicking. Since there is only one "delete" option now, I see it having the potential to catch people out where they might inadvertently delete from backup when they wanted to delete from configuration. I do realise there is an additional "are you sure" prompt after clicking "Delete from disk" but I don't see that safe guarding some.

I think making it more difficult to inadvertently delete backups would be a great feature - not from a malicious attack (that is why we have immutability) but from an administrative perspective. This has been available in Commvault for some time and I think it works really well. In order to delete backup data, a phrase must be typed out which is enough to realise what action is being performed and back out if deleting the data was not your intention. To take it a step further, I wonder if the new MFA capabilities in v12 could be used to prompt for a code to initiate the deletion?

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Re: Backup deletion feature request

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yes, that topic comes up from time to time and we count your request +1 đź‘Ť

Best regards,
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