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Backup Design Tips Needed

Post by jpjetlinx »


I am new to to Veeam and have a some design questions for the group. I have 2 VMWare esxi clusters with 2 hosts per cluster. All VM's are on shared storage using NFS. The short term goal is to use Veeam to back up both clusters to a local dedicated NAS device and then in the future replicate that NAS to another device in a DR site. My questions thus far are,

1. Since my storage is accessed via NFS, I am correct in assuming that the SAN mode backup will not work?
2. If my next option is to install Veeam on a VM and use virtual appliance mode, where is the best place for that VM to reside?

Any thoughts, ideas, or real world best practices would be appreciated.

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Re: Backup Design Tips Needed

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1. That is correct. You definitely want to use virtual appliance mode with NFS production storage.
2. Any host that can access all LUNs where backed up VMs reside.


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