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Backup Enterprise Manager authentication error + FIX

Post by ian0x0r »

Ive seen this now at a couple of sites where I have installed Veeam B&R 5 onto a 2008 R2 server. At first I thought it was an issue running a 2008 R2 box on a 2000 domain, but ive since seen this error on a 2008 domain. Basically I think there is a pre SP1 patch in 2008 R2 that breaks authentication for Enterprise Manager, which is ultimatley linked to local security groups on the server not functioning correctly.

You may see a log in error message like this: Authentication failed on the remote side


If you look at the local Administrators group it will look like this:


There is a hotfix for pre SP1 2008R2 but the hotfix is included in SP1 for 2008 R2. This did work correctly for me, I think a different Windows update has broken authentication.

Once SP1 has been installed then you local Administrators group should look correct:


Hopefully this will help some one else out, as I couldnt see a topic about it on the forums.

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Re: Backup Enterprise Manager authentication error + FIX

Post by Alexey D. »

Ian, thank you for investing your time and sharing this!
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