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Backup error message

Post by asixto »

Hello all,

What can you tell me about this error message? Thanks in advanced!

"Checking retention policy... Internal error. Attempting to delete backup id '57f69a88-c032-4b47-a12c-7d2ba21d39dc', by retention, but it has file name 'H:\backup\All VMs.vbk' correspond to last backup. "

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Backup error message

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Angel,

Can you tell us how did you define your retention policy for this particluar job? It looks like the retention policy is trying to delete VBK file.
I do not recall seeing such an error before, so please forward all the logs to, and our technical team will be able to asisst you.

Thank you!

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