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Backup Job Freezing: Creating DB Record for VM

Post by Libertas »

Hi guys,

I have had a quick search and can find a few posts with this problem, but the symptom was not the same and so I thought to start a new thread.

If I have missed the answer, please forgive and re-direct me, thank you,

So the problem I have noticed is that when a Veeam backup job has been started, and it is set to backup a number of VMs (i.e. VM1, VM2, VM3…), if during the job we move a VM from one datastore to another, when it comes to backing up that particular moved VM the job will get stuck with the message of “Creative DB Record for VM”, and will not proceed any further. We are unable to cancel the job and have to resort to either crashing the Veeam agent service or restarting the server completely.

Is this something that has been resolved previously or something that needs to be looked at in any way?

Thank you,

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Re: Backup Job Freezing: Creating DB Record for VM

Post by Gostev »

Hello Farhad, I have not heard of this before. Please open a case with our support, let them investigate the logs. From the syptoms this looks to be an issue with SQL Server.

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