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Backup problem

Post by d117403 »


I use the veeam backup trail version v3.0.1

And i i'd like to creat a backup from a Microsoft SQL Server it doesn't work.


Code: Select all

10 of 10 files processed 

Total VM size: 30.03 GB
Processed size: 12.01 GB
Avg. performance rate: 11 MB/s
Backup mode: agentless

Start time: 15.04.1998 12:22:30
End time: 15.04.1998 12:41:08

Backing file "nfc://conn:,nfchost:host-483,stg:datastore-544@sql010/sql010_1-flat.vmdk"
Backup failed
Client error: File does not exist or locked. VMFS path: [[disk03] sql010/sql010_1-flat.vmdk].
Please, try to download specified file using connection to the ESX server where the VM registered.
Failed to create NFC download stream. NFC path: [nfc://conn:,nfchost:host-483,stg:datastore-544@sql010/sql010_1-flat.vmdk].
Cannot backup file in the service console mode. File: [nfc://conn:,nfchost:host-483,stg:datastore-544@sql010/sql010_1-flat.vmdk]. VBK: [veeamfs:4:eedb1bee-4dd4-4cf2-926b-642180ce470a (vm-1559)/sql010_1-flat.vmdk@S:\save\sqltest.vbk]. RBK: [veeamfs:4:eedb1bee-4dd4-4cf2-926b-642180ce470a (vm-1559)/sql010_1-flat.vmdk@].

Server error: End of file
Everyone know there the problem is?

kind regards
Ben Milligan
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Re: Backup problem

Post by Ben Milligan »

It is hard to tell from just this log, but can you advise if you have an independent disk for this virtual machine? Also, if you send your logs to support(at), we can 100% confirm what the problem is. Please reference this post with your email to support so we can also update this thread with a resolution.
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