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Backup & Replication @ same time . . . Version5

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We have a customer who is currently using veeam version 5 and simply using it to conduct backups to a separate store from which they can use veeam VPower to boot these vms if necessary.

Now they want to look at replicating their server estate to a DR site using the Replication features but without impacting their local backup schedule.

Do we need to issue a separate veeam licence so that the replication aspect of their demands can take place in-line with the backups – and if so, what happens if two separate veeam licence servers try to speak to the same vm and snapshot that vm – will one fail – or is there a way to schedule two separate veeam licences so they don’t collide if backing up the same vm.

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Re: Backup & Replication @ same time . . . Version5

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George, you need no additional license if you are going to use the same source hosts for replication. Veeam B&R is licensed per CPU socket on the hosts engaged in your backup/replication jobs.

Just make sure you are scheduling jobs properly as currently v5 does not allow to backup and replicate the same VMs simultaneously (VM files are being locked by the first job and you have to wait till it is finished in order to run the next one, otherwise it fails). For example, you can chain the jobs using post-job activity option and this script to check current job status (just trigger a subsequent replication job with PowerShell on receiving a "Success" status for the previous one).

However, v6's changed architecture will handle concurrent jobs scheduling automatically.
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Backup interfering with replication

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I have a site with 8 VM's. I am backing up the VM's daily and am also doing a replication of all 8 VM's to an offsite ESX server. All of this works great until the two jobs overlap and try to process the same VM and then one of them fails (the one that starts second). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work?
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