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Backup & Replication Scheduling (advise needed)

Post by pmalinov »

We have been using VEEAM backup for a while now, and we like the backup/restore capabilities.
Recently we started replicating to an offsite location and now the scheduling becomes more difficult.

What I am trying to accomplish is having two (2) backups in 24 hour period and one (1) replication in 24 hour period. Currently the bandwidth is limiting us from replicating more than once a day, but more bandwidth is on the way :) So eventually we would want to have 2 backups and 2 replications in 24 hour period.

Here is a little background on our current setup:
- Backups start at 6:30pm on a schedule (1st backup job is on a hard schedule)
- Most backup jobs have multiple VMs bundled with the exception of SQl and Exchange (those run on separate jobs)
- Backups are daisy chained (SQL backup is the last daisy chained backup job that starts the SQL replication once it finishes)
- Exchange VM backup is currently on a hard set schedule and starts after SQL backup job finishes (that way my SQL backup starts the SQL replication 1 - 2 hours earlier that it would if exchange backup job was starting it (I hope it does make sense)
- Backups take a total of 4.5hours to complete

- Replicas all have separate jobs for each replicated VM
- Replicas are also daisy chained
- Replicas start after the SQL backup job completes
- Replicas take a total of 14 hours to complete

I am having a hard time figuring out how to start the 2nd backup right after the replication finishes and stopping (finishing the backups before 6:30pm) to allow for the 1st backup to start again.

Thank you

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Re: Backup & Replication Scheduling (advise needed)

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There is no end job time option available, so I guess you should be using Check Job Status script and post-backup job script functionality to launch either replication job or 1st backup job. Here is an example of that script: Post Script in Backup

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