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Backup & Restore from Tape

Post by hansis100 »


I have a question.
I am new in using veeam. I want to backup my virtual machines with Incremential Backup and Full Backup on Friday.
Every day I have to save the Backup-Store to Tape.

How can I handle a restore after about 4 weeks when I have only 8 Restore-Points?

The first step is to restore the data from tape to backupstore, isn't it?
But what is the next step?


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Re: Backup & Restore from Tape

Post by Gostev »

The next step is either rescan backup repository (if you restored files into the backup repository), or just perform "Import Backup" (if you restore backup files to a folder that is not a backup repository). The files will then appear in the UI, and you will be able to perform the restore. Thanks!

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