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backup to tape

Post by systeembeheerder »


Is there a way to get the backups on the disk to a tape?
I am using veeam backup 4.1 on vSphere 4u1.
We have 2 locations, the location with the backup disk is the same as where the orignal is. I can not move the disk. I have a backup robot on the other location with 30xLTO3 tape. Using backupexec for backup.
Note: I'm not looking for a discussion on, " who uses tapes these days".....
For example: could I use a pre-command in my backup making the backup to disk, and if it completes correctly, put it on tape?
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Re: backup to tape

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Hello Addy,

Yes, you can simply use post-backup job script (see Advanced Veeam job settings) to make this happen automatically. Here are some forum threads that might be useful for you: Pre command by Backup Exec, Offload to tape scenario and Post job activity.

Thank you!
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Re: backup to tape

Post by Gostev »

We also have a short whitepaper about integrating Veeam Backup with BackupExec for tape backups, it provides complete instructions including the actual command lines to use. You can request this document from your Veeam representative or our support.
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Re: backup to tape

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I was in the "how do I get these on tape" boat. I eventually decided to buy USB2 external drives and mount them with truecrypt right on the vcenter system. I do veeam backups and rotate out the drives (they are close to the cost of tape).

Anyway, that's what I do now. Before, I used to backup to a common NAS (I think I NFS mounted them). Then the system with Backup Exec grabbed them and put them on tape just as if they were regular files. So if you have a common storage or can make the existing storage common, then that might work. The good thing is that with the API, only changed blocks are transmitted. It should be very WAN friendly. If you have to, put a simple NAS in the same LAN as the tape. Pre-load the backups locally before sending it to the remote location. Then do change block backups over your WAN, couple times a day might even work. The remote tape can backup the NAS.
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