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Backup Veeam Manager?

Post by thinkreal »

Is it possible to have 2 Veeam Managers working together, or a standby?

We have a Production site and a DR site, with fibre between. Currently all the Veeam is run out of DR, via SAN fibre. But what happens if we lose the DR server to some issue? What are the procedures to recover a broken Veeam?

Even better would be a pair of Veeam Managers. This fits with cSphere's new feature of clustered VC - I've yet to check it out, but sounds like the sort of redundancy that we want. While another approach is to have a vitrual VC and replicate that, this is not an option for Veeam is it?

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Re: Backup Veeam Manager?

Post by YoMarK »

I always replicate(so it can be started without restoring first) the veeam server to a ESX server on the DR site, so we always have a recent copy of the whole server there. To minimize data loss, you could also backup your veeam database and transaction logs there on a regular base(lets say every 15 minutes).
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Re: Backup Veeam Manager?

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Max,

Unfortunately, there is no way to work with 2 Veeam Backup consoles with the same DB. But not to face such a situation, when Veeam Server is being lost, you can always backup your Veeam DB and then attach it to the new installation, so you wouldn't lose all your jobs' configurations as well as all backup data.

As for replicating/backing up virtual vCenter we've got some discussions on this theme, so I encourage you to look through it, hope it answers all your questions: ... 5422&hilit ... 858&p=3589&

Thank you
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