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BE fails post scrip backup jobs

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Hey guys,
Im Kris, New to the Veeam world but verry interested in the technology and associated tech involved with veeam. (NetApp Guy)
I recently took over an outsource for a company, the previous Engineer Setup Veeam and a post script that kicks off B.E. that all works great.. however B.E. (and yes i've posted in B.E. Support forum as well) keeps failing the job. I get error codes however researching them has not brought me closer to a solution.
The BE, Job runs on thursdays and continues to run all the way untill my next onsite visit.. roughly 172 hours!
Per forum rules i wont post the log snips, I just need some tips on troubleshooting this before i get BE and or Veeam support involved.
Im not overly worried as the tape is the 3rd redundant backup step however this is the Offsite copy.
The thing is this all worked up untill a few day i took over the outsource.
I have some errors that spark my attention such as "no agent found on NAS01" and "Low Memory" however researching shows plenty of available recourses.
Would setting up a LUN on my netapp and having the Veeam backup to that instead of a "CIFS" share work better for this as BE wont need the use of an agent?
Any help and or tips would be really appreciated.
Kris Price

Veeam Software
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Re: BE fails post scrip backup jobs

Post by foggy »

Kris, it 'd be a really better way to contact BE support directly with your error codes as we are unable to troubleshoot 3rd party product failures. Thanks.

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