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Best practices for VSS and VMware Tools quiescense

Post by dextr »

What are the best practices for selection of "Enable VMware Tools quiescence" and "Enable Veeam VSS integration" options?

In what scenarios would you leave either of those unchecked, or checked for that matter?

Some context: I am backing up several VMs some that have SharePoint, or Exchange, or SQL Server... and some that just have AD or DNS (no apps or DB).

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Best practices for VSS and VMware Tools quiescense

Post by mellerbeck »

I read somewhere (I think in the docs) that you might not want to use VMware Tools quiescence for high data change servers such as Exchange or SQL. Thats all I know :)
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Re: Best practices for VSS and VMware Tools quiescense

Post by Gostev »

Neil, in short with Veeam you want to have Veeam VSS (Application-Aware Image Processing) enabled in all cases, for any Windows VM (no matter what app it runs). There are a lot of existing discussions on Veeam VSS (Application-Aware Image Processing) on this forum, with all possible questions answered, so you may want to look through those for very extensive details and Q&A.

Here are some posts you can start digging from: ... 746#p20746 ... 8609#p8609 ... 6415#p6415 ... 9087#p9087

Also, stickied FAQ thread has link to good 3rd party article about importance of leveraging correct VSS integration.

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Quiescence best practice

Post by applc »



Is it best practice to quiesce ALL VM's during a Veeam backup (either using VM Tools or VSS), regardless of the server role? I have a few small file servers running as VM's, and not sure if quiesceing is necessary, but I'm not against it either. I just wanted to know what the recommendation/best practice is.
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