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Branch Setup Questions

Post by cclos »

Trying to design a setup that will work for backup and recovery

I have 2 branch offices, and 1 main office. They all connect back to the main office. All have an ESXi server. All hosts use local storage.
MO=Main Office, BR1=Branch office 1, BR2 = Branch Office 2

Can I send some VM's from MO to BR1, and some to BR2, and send a single VM from BR1 to MO and a single VM from BR2 to MO?
Do I need seperate installs of Veeam B&R to do this, or will this be managed from the single one?
What impact would this have on "restoring"?

I could go either with a simple NAS at each site, or directly to their esxi host, and use the host in case of needing to restore.
How does this affect vCenter? Now vCenter will see the other replicated copy at the other site?

I cannot centralize everything at the main site as much as I would love to at this time. So this is a unique scenerio it seems.

I've used B&R to do basic testing in the past from box to box, but never this much in depth.

Thank you.
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Re: Branch Setup Questions

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Can't see why not.
I am doing testing backing up to a separate esx server from our main clusters and it works just fine.
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