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can jobs use 2 backup repositories on same proxy?

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Just did a fresh V6 install, and am starting out very basic. For now the Backup Server (and default Proxy Server, if my terminology is correct) has one repository on local disk and one repository on a CIFS server.

Can I use both of these repositories with one Job? When I create a Backup Job, it looks like I can only specify one Repository. The jobs can't just use what ever Repository space is available, or take a list of more than one Repository?

The only work-around seems to be to split backups into 2 jobs, with each assigned to a different Repository.

Bonus question: When I finally get some large Repository storage online, how would I move my previous backups? I'm guessing I just copy the files manually, disconnect my old Repositories, add the new one and rescan, then change where the Jobs point to. Sound right?

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Re: can jobs use 2 backup repositories on same proxy?

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Actually you can only specify a single repository for a given job.
About the last question: yes, correct.
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