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Can Veeam B&R / Coexist with BUexec?

Post by dextr »

I'm planning on installing the Veeam B&R trial soon and would like to know if it will run on the same server as BUexec 2010. Are there any issues that I need to know about?

Also... how long is the trail version good for?

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Re: Can Veeam B&R / Coexist with BUexec?

Post by Vitaliy S. »


I haven't heard any issues so far, I know many cases when some of our customers have used Veeam with BE. You should just try to avoid any job time overlappings involving the same VMs for BE and Veeam. If you use search you will find more existing threads discussing Veeam and BE usage, here is one of them: ... ackup+exec :wink:

As for the trial version, it is good for 30 days, you will get the license file automatically after downloading the product.

Thank you!

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Re: Can Veeam B&R / Coexist with BUexec?

Post by Gostev »

Vitaly is correct, the only possible issue might be Veeam VSS failing when backing up VMs with Symantec agents installed (this agent seems to "brake" Windows VSS). Removing the agent and restarting the VM in question always helps! Thank you.

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Re: Can Veeam B&R / Coexist with BUexec?

Post by TrevorBell »

I run Be2010

I backup only 8 servers with it including my exchange 2003. ( i backup 42 with Veeam )

I have recently converted my exchange to a VM but still back it up with Be2010 for the ease of indivual messages or mailboxe restore ( not that i ever do any ), i currently run a Veeam backup at 19:00 every night ( 80 gig of exchange data and the o/s takes 1hour 30 mins and then the tape backup kick in at 22:00 starting with exchange again..

i have never had any issues with BE2010 was brought out or BE 12.5 before it, so it fully works in my enviroment.

and yes im keen to try the Veeam restore offering :D


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