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Change Storage Target Optimization

Post by rvopat »

Currently we are replicating to a local storage device connected to the LAN and we have our replication jobs set to optimize for LAN storage, we are planning on moving the storage device to a remote location and replicating over the WAN.

Can we change the optimize for WAN from LAN and not affect the replication job?
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Re: Change Storage Target Optimization

Post by Gostev »

This setting is only used during full (initial) run. So with backup job, you need to force active full backup. However, since we are talking about replication here (which has no way to force "full replication") - in order to take advantage of this optimization, you would have to create brand new job with WAN optimization setting enabled before you first run it. Thanks!
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Can I change the Optimize For option of an existing job?

Post by cparker4486 »



Just like the title says, can I change the Optimize For option of an existing job? Currently I have a job set to "Local target" but I'd like to change it to "WAN target" to reduce the storage space used on the target.
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