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Changing existing replication job settings

Post by mvb89b »

I upgraded to version 5 from 4 and had an old replication job hanging around. The problem is on the backup disk that we do not have any more space because the replication is thin to thick. Can I just edit the settings on the replication to force thin since 5 supports thin to thin replication and it will free up space on the backup? OR do I have to delete the existing replicated VMs and start over?
Vitaliy S.
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Re: Changing existing replication job settings

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Hello Mike,

You need to re-create your job in order to keep all virtual disks thin. However, you can convert old replica disks to thin provisioned, and start over a new job. In this case you would have a backup and a new job, hopefully you have enough free space on the target storage.

Thank you.
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