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Confused on Backup vs Copy

Post by derekross »

I downloaded and installed VBR recently. It seems I'm a bit confused here in terms of destinations and backup/copy methods.

The test machine that VBR is installed on cannot see the LUNs that the ESX host can. They are on different networks. Within VBR, I added my VCenter 4 server.

It seems if I perform a copy with VBR I can select individual datastores viable to the ESX hosts and copy files from one datastore to another datastore.

Now with the backup function, it seems when I select the destination, the datastores do not show up as they would with the copy method above. Now, I did see I can select an ESX host then browse to vmfs/volumes/ and see the datastores that way. Is this the proper way to backup from datastore to datastore? Or is their a way similar to the copy method?
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Re: Confused on Backup vs Copy

Post by Gostev »

Yes, this is correct way to specify destination when backing up to another ESX server.
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