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de-duplication in version 3.0

Post by EllettIT »

I'm currently looking at this product as part of a backup project I'm working on and had some questions about the "de-duplication" feature. Is there any documentation on how this is achieved? Also if anyone has had any experience with this feature feel free to speak up :)

In regards to the project we currently have 3 ESX host with an Equallogic SAN (older PS400E) and are backing up the VM via the "traditional" method (to tape as if they were a physical sever). I'm wanting to move to a file and image level backup of these VM's to disk (looking at adding another EQ box for this) and the de-dup feature of this software sounds like a nice plus.



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Re: de-duplication in version 3.0

Post by Gostev »

Allen, the concept is really simple. Deduplication is done on block level (1024KB block size). So blocks similar between virtual machines added to your backup jobs are only stored once in the produced backup file (VBK). Thus, best results are obtained when you are backing up multiple VMs made from the same template. On the other hand, if all your VMs are built and provisioned differently (e.g. manually built from ground up), then dedupe results will not be so good.

Let me know if this answers your question?

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