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direct connection fails over to network mode

Post by snrpepie »


When we do backups it will not backup over direct connection, it always fails over to the network backup witch is sooo slow. We are using fiber channel SAN.

How can this be resolved

thank you much!!


Backing up object "[23jg4] myvm/myvm.vmdk"
Unable to establish direct connection to the shared storage (SAN).
Please ensure that:
- HBA is properly installed in the Veeam Backup server computer, or software iSCSI initiator is configured correctly.
- SAN volume can be seen by operating system in the Windows Disk Management snap-in on the Veeam Backup server.

Direct SAN connection is not available, failing over to network mode...
Alexey D.

Re: direct connection fails over to network mode

Post by Alexey D. »

Hello Dave,

Please double-check your configuration for using SAN mode. Refer to these topics for more information:
Direct SAN backup fails
Re: replication overwhelms out backup SAN

And this one, describing generic setup:
Configuring new VEEAM Backup Server for SAN
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Re: direct connection fails over to network mode

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Also you may want to review the corresponding section of sticky FAQ topic for more hints and links. Thanks!
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