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Does veeam compression cause many changes in vbk?

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I have a question about whether I should use compression and deduplication when trying to replicate reversed incrementals offsite using rsync.

I'm testing over a LAN connection now, and it seems like rsyncing my vbk file is taking quite a long time. I expected it to be rather fast, since I'm using reversed incrementals and rsync only sends the changes. I understand that it must check the entire file.

Does using deduplication and / or compression cause the vbk file to change a lot? That could make the amount of changes in the vbk file larger, which would cause my rsync to have more delta's to send.

Right now, I'm just rsync'ing in my LAN as a test. If I can get this to work well (and fast), I will start rsyncing my vbk files over a WAN connection.



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Re: Does veeam compression cause many changes in vbk?

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Hi. Using deduplication and/or compression does not cause any extra changes in VBK. Moreover, they reduce the amount of changed data that must be synced. While the amount of changed data blocks is not affected by compression settings obviously, having the data inside each changed block compressed reduces amount of traffic when syncing the file. Thanks.

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