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DRS during Veeam Backup

Post by ceebee »

Any ideas as to what happens if DRS is kicked in during Veeam backup or if a manual move is kicked in - Does it impact or cause the Veeam backup to fail?
How much does the service console memory come into play when using Veeam backup?
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Re: DRS during Veeam Backup

Post by Gostev »

Jobs using direct SAN access processing modes will not be affected (because the VM disk data is read directly from shared storage). What will be affected is legacy host-based backup mode ("Network" mode, 3rd radiobutton) in the mode selection step - this limitation is documented in the Known Issues section of the Release Notes document.

Service console is not used by Veeam Backup other than for the said legacy host-based backup mode, and to speed up restores when restoring to "fat" ESX. Veeam Backup will work fine with the default service console memory settings, so you do not really need to tweak those. I have also seen some recommendation on the Internet about increasing ESX service console memory in order to improve snapshot processing performance, but I don't believe they come from VMware and are official/recommended.
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