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dual 6-core and best compression

Post by madforit89 »

Hi All, im looking at buying a HP DL380 G7 - With dual 6-core 2.8Ghz intel Xeon's. I've seen a lot written about Dual Quad core systems and "Best compression". Am I right in thinking that Veeam Backup will utilise the added cores of a dual 6-core server to optimise and maximese compression of a backup job?

Has anyone played with this kit yet. I'm hoping it's not another first release server with a below par CPU that actually underperforms when compared to a Quad core predisessor ;-(

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Re: dual 6-core and best compression

Post by Gostev »

I have not heard any feedback on this yet, but I would think having more CPU cannot hurt? This should definitely allow running more parallel jobs with Best compression.

Unless of course they really messed up as you mentioned, which is pretty unlikely, but in all cases I assume you should be able to return/exchange server?

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