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Enhancement: Integrate support files upload?

Post by skayser »


as product management seems to be very active on this forum (excellent!), I am wondering out lout: have you ever thought about integrating a support files upload feature into the GUI? Just now I had to provide these files: went to the Veeam server, zipped the files, transfered them to my admin station and attached them to the email. Nothing overly burdensome, but still something that could be streamlined for an improved support experience.

Thus, if someone needed to supply such files to support, they could simply hit "Send support files to Veeam", be prompted with "Enter your email-address and support case number" (which would be used for verification purposes, case exists and was opened from this email address), and optionally get a list of files which should be transferred. Files would then be uploaded and upon reception from the far end a confirmation/notification email be sent to the customer and case owner. In particular if support files need to be requested repeatedly this could speed up the overall process for customers. This mechanism could also transfer product and OS versions (plus any further commonly required data).

Does this sound like something that could make sense? Or too complex WRT support infrastructure and product?


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Re: Enhancement: Integrate support files upload?

Post by Gostev »

Hi Sebastian, this makes sense overall, but as far as I know most of our customers do not have internet access from backup server for security reasons, so this feature might be good for very few customers.

Nevertheless, I will forward this onto our web team to see what they think about this. From the products' perspective obviously it should not be too hard to implement FTPing some files to some location, so may be we could add this feature in future.


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Re: Enhancement: Integrate support files upload?

Post by Bunce »

we found this very useful when using esxpress.

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