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Exchange / AD backup and restore documentation

Post by pmkofod »

Is there a step by step documentation on the proper way to restore Exchange data stores, AD databases, etc? I read Anton's White Paper on VSS Veeam integration. The paper is excellent, but does not include step by step procedures. The reason I ask is that we successfully tested both file and SQL restore, but are having an issue with restoring an Exchange Data Store. I have submitted the issue to support, but I also want to make sure that we are doing things correctly.

We are evaluating Veeam, by the way.


- pete
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Re: Exchange / AD backup and restore documentation

Post by Gostev »

Pete, as long as you use Veeam VSS, restores for these Domain Controllers, Exchange and SQL servers are 100% automated. You just power on the restored VM, and wait for it to boot. Both DC and Exchange servers will require reboot (which will be performed automatically after restore process completes, just sit and wait), the second boot will be normal "production" boot. SQL does not require such reboot.

We do provide assistance to customers evaluating the product, no problems there - you did the right thing by contacting our support.
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