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Exchange backup conflict (Veeam and Ahsay OBM)

Post by Burnwell »


We have just started doing Veeam backups on a server running Exchange 2003.

Veeam backups seems to be running fine, but it looks like we have a conflict with the existing remote backup software, Ahsay OBM, which is installed inside the virtual machine and is doing nightly off-site/remote backups of the Exchange part only.

Ahsay OBM starts at 10pm and takes ~3 hours when doing a full DB backup.
Veeam job starts at 10am and takes max one hour.
So there shouldn't be any schedule conflict.

The Ahsay software is setup to do transaction logs daily, and full database once a week.

Now the daily transaction logs backup jobs fail every time, and it looks as it is caused by Veeam because veeam flushes all Exchange transaction logs when it is doing the backup.

I am quite sure it is not recommended to have 2 different types of software doing Exchange backup on the same server, but do anyone have an idea how to do this succesfully?

The ideal thing would of course be to do off-site/remote backup of the entire Veeam backup, but it is huge, and we only want the Exchange database off-site.

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Re: Exchange backup conflict (Veeam and Ahsay OBM)

Post by Bunce »

Set only one backup solution to flush the logs?
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Re: Exchange backup conflict (Veeam and Ahsay OBM)

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Provided that you want to keep both bakup solutions in place, I would also suggest editing backup job properties whether to flush Exchange logs or not.

On top of that, I believe that restoring a VM image with an Exchange server could be much easier and less time consuming in case of a real disaster, than a new VM deployment, Exchange server installation and a DB restore to this VM later on. Besides, If a target storage is concerned, you may want to use a cheap NAS device to save your VM backups offsite.

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