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Re: Failover Replica Now Live

Post by dellock6 » Dec 15, 2012 5:16 pm

Nick, so instead of deep diving onto the failback procedure, which seems to work well, you should concentrate on the excessive time it takes to do the final replica once the VM is powered down. As Tom explained the last piece of the replica should be quick, even if during a powered-off state the VM has no way to use CBT records, Veeam has still the metadata informations about changed bits.
Can you take a look at the failback job and see the different steps it's doing, and see their times?
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Re: Failover Replica Now Live

Post by homerjnick » Dec 15, 2012 6:10 pm 2 people like this post

Yeah the replica HD's took 3 hours to replicate pre-replica-power down....then the replica powered down and replicated again the HD's which took 12 hours then the job completed.

All is good, the production VM is now on and looks good, after 30 mins of testing I can confirm server is good and data intact and up-to-date. I have committed the failback.

Now I am doing a full ALL my backups were corrupt on this VM it was the replica that saved it...this success of Veeam will feature in our staff newsletter!!!

We have a 10 meg link to our DR site and it is a 500GB VM...hence the times involved...glad to say all went well!!! But as you say, why did the last part of the replication take so long?

I had throttling enabled between 9am-6pm weekdays but at weekends Veeam can have the whole pipe...but it looked like throttling was still being applied...I'll look into that...

Thanks to all who replied on here! Not sure if Veeam would be interested in a copy of our staff newsletter if it gets a mention?

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Re: Failover Replica Now Live

Post by Gostev » Dec 15, 2012 6:58 pm

homerjnick wrote:Thanks to all who replied on here! Not sure if Veeam would be interested in a copy of our staff newsletter if it gets a mention?
Absolutely! This would certainly make a great internal case study for us!
Please forward it to me once out (email is my forum nick at

Thanks and congratulations on building a DR strategy that worked in need!

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Re: Failover Replica Now Live

Post by tsightler » Dec 17, 2012 4:47 pm

Just as a followup, I think my initial description of the failback isn't exactly as it happens. In testing it appears that the first step of failback when it replicates "RP Disk" is basically to return the failback target to the known state of the most recent replica restore point prior to the failover, then, one the VM is powered off, all changes are replicated back. This is why this failback probably took longer, although it can vary based on how different the failback target VM is from the restore point.

I think there's some room for continued enhancement here. Ideally it would work the way I initially described, effectively, create a "failback restore point", replicate all changes, the finally have a point where you failback with only the most recent changes, perhaps even continuing this cycle until the amount of data is below a threashold to keep the failback time to a minimum. Of course, you can always do this with a manual replication job, with replica mapping, back the other direction rather than performing a failback.

Still, good to know that everything worked for you.

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