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failover to replica w/o original Replication Job

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I'm testing Veeam Replication solution before put it to the production.

The following configuration used:

ESXi[1] ---(LAN)--- ESXi[2]

Both ESXi have local storage only.

The replication and failover scenario follows:

On ESXi[1] there is a virtual machine with Veeam Backup & Replication (Veeam Backup Console).
On Veeam Backup Console created and started a Replication Job for replication virtual machines
from ESXi[1] to ESXi[2].
So if ESXi[1] will be crashed (with all data lost) then it should be possible to start saved replicas
on ESXi[2].

User Guide says:
"Important! If possible, avoid powering on a replica manually in case its original has failed. Use the Perform failover
option in the Restore wizard instead. Otherwise, the subsequent replication sessions will be failing."

But I can't use Restore wizard on ESXi[1] because it was crashed.
I tried to install new Veeam Backup Console on ESXi[2] but have no ideas how to use it for Restore
because Restore wizard wants a Replication Job.

Is it possible to perform failover a virtual machine to its replica w/o original Replication Job?

With powering on a replica manually I can start only latest replica.

Is it possible to start not only latest replica?
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Re: failover to replica w/o original Replication Job

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Hello Vyacheslav, no - it is not possible to start not latest replica manually, without Veeam Backup.
This is discussed in great details in the following existing thread: Veeam Server DR
Please, continue discussion there if needed.

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