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Feature Request - Enterprise Manager File System Catalog Options

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Currently in Enterprise Manager, the guest file system catalog is retained for a minimum of 1 month. This would not be an issue if the calendar view / restore point list had some way to distinguish which metadata still actually had restore points associated with it.

We use Enterprise manager to give our helpdesk the ability to restore certain files for users. Lets say we only keep 14 days of restore points, then weekly full backups after that. When they go to Enterprise Manager > Files > Search for backups of: [servername1] > select the calendar, they view a list of "restore points" that don't actually exist between day 14 and day 31. They drill down into the folder structure only to find the restore option is not available.

It would be nice if it would either discard the metadata when there is no longer a restore point that is available, or somehow be able to distinguish in the restore point list between times with a restore point, and times with only the metadata left.
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Re: Feature Request - Enterprise Manager File System Catalog Options

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Thank you for the request.
Let me check if it's a bug or expected behavior.

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