Feature Request - Object storage/Openstack swift Connector

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Feature Request - Object storage/Openstack swift Connector

Veeam Logoby Carolus » Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:00 pm 1 person likes this post

Hi B&R Team,

I manage several installations of Veeam and love to try differents setups to try every feature the software permits.
In one in particular, I configured a Softlayer Objectstorage bucket as a backup repository , attached to the OS with a third part connector (Cloudberry) which mounts it as local volume ( actually it simulate a local volume, every read/write is managed with a download/upload queue) .

Since Objectstorage is based on Openstack switft it does not supports concurrent read/write operations, so I must use very basic set up (no synthetic backup, no reverse incremental etc) and you cannot directly restore files / VMs but first download the backup files in local then import and restore. I know it sounds very uncomfortable but it's worth because Object Storage is really cheap and you can actually store a lot of TB spending few bucks , and if one have no particular needs to use some advanced features of Veeam this is gold.

I think if you would develop an integrated connector for Objectstorage /openstackswift it would be really a killer-feature, since you would permit customers to use a cloud-based ultra cheap storage as repository and almost none of medium-enterprise level backup software has it yet.

Best Regards
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