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Re: feature request: split vbk

Veeam Logoby haslund » Sun May 28, 2017 10:53 am

SyNtAxx wrote:I would also like the ability to chop up .vbk files (I use per vm chains) into small files. I have vms that are multiple tbs in size, and this causes issues for replication of those files. While the per vm chains greatly reduced the issue of not all files being replicate din a timely manner, I still have those massive vms still causing issues. It would be nice to split the .vbk files for those large vms into smaller more managable bites (pardon pun) in order to replicate more easily. Example, a setting in the backup job to split backup files larger than 1tb into some user configurable sub grouping, for example 250gb. This is a good idea.


Can you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by replicating backup files? If you utilize a Veeam Backup Copy job to move backups off-site we will only move changed blocks, not actual files which might solve your issue if you are using something different than Veeam to replicate/copy backup files.
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Re: feature request: split vbk

Veeam Logoby final » Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:56 am

+1 for splitting VBKs. Windows Server 2016 deduplication only processes the first 4GB of a file (this is a fixed limit of Server 2016 deduplication according to Will Gries, the technology owner at MS). We have a single VM with a total size of 10TB and hence cannot really use deduplication on this.
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