how can send backup traffic from network adapter2

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Re: how can send backup traffic from network adapter2

Veeam Logoby FECV » Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:26 pm

I agree with NIC selection NEEDING to be a feature request for both VBR and Veeam Windows Agent. I recently had an open case for each product about being able to select a NIC but was told the feature does not exist. The set preferred networks only works if the primary network is offline. I have a production 1Gbps LAN and several of my servers that use Windows Agent have direct 10Gbps links to the VBR server that hosts the repositories. If I set the preferred network to the direct link the backups that use the Production LAN fail. I have also tried setting the repository in the Windows Agent to the direct link IP address as well as setting the IP addresses in the host file of the VBR and Windows Agent server. It still does the actual backup on the production LAN. I’d rather not set touring rules in Windows. I really feel this is major limitation of the product. I cannot believe that there is not more of a need for this.
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