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How Does Veeam Handle "White" Space?

Post by davidshq »

So, I know if a vm is 0'ed out for all its white space Veeam will compress the backup by not recording all the empty space. That said, I'm wondering what happens if say we have a vm disk, data is written to it, then deleted...will Veeam not write this info. to the backup or will it since it hasn't been 0'd out? If it does write it to the disk - is there a way in Veeam to force it not too?

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Re: How Does Veeam Handle "White" Space?

Post by Gostev »

Dave, this topic happens to be discussed right now in the adjacent thread ;)

In short, if you delete a lot of data from VM, you should zero disk because disk image blocks still remain "dirty" after file deletion with Windows file systems. Even better idea would be to schedule this operation to run periodically using the script created by one of our community members.

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