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How to to consolidate Backupjobs

Post by Novell2 »


i did not found the way to get more diskspace on the Veeam Documentation. How is the correct way to consolidate all the Backupjobs *.vib's ? I have on each VM backupfile with the ending VRK, VRB and VIB's. Can I delete the VIB's file exept the last one? How can I shrink it to one Backupfile?

Thanks a lot!

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Re: How to to consolidate Backupjobs

Post by Gostev »

Hi, this is not possible. You should let Veeam B&R manage your backups automatically, according to the retention policy you set. What you can do to reduce the amount of backup data stored and get more disk space, is reduce the amount of restore points to keep in the job settings. Thanks!
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Re: How to to consolidate Backupjobs

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Gostev, I need to keep every restore point since we starting taking backups. What would be the best practice here? Archive out to another media?

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Re: How to to consolidate Backupjobs

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Hello Jed,

Yes, if you want to keep every restore point, then you're on the right way - best practice would be to archive backup files to other media (external hard drive, tape, offsite etc.). You can search our forums for existing topics on that: ... ps+archive

Hope this helps!
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