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import vib files

Post by superdave56 »

I am currently evaluating Veeam 5.0. As part of my testing I am trying to prove that I can recover from Veeam backup files copied to tape. Our policies require backups to tape nightly. Since a full backup every day would burn through a lot of tapes I am planning on a weekly full/daily incremental backup scheme.

The job was setup to daily forward incrementals. I first did a full backup of some VMs to disk. Then I copied the .vbk file to tape using backup exec.

The next day the job ran again as a forward incremental - this produced a .vib file in the same directory. Veeam showed 2 recovery points and I did several successful restores.

I then copied the .vib to tape also using backup exec. So far, so good.

On the backup server, I deleted the backup from disk. Its no longer in the Veeam catalog or on the disk. I did this to confirm it would be possible to copy the files from tape say on a new server with a fresh Veeam install if there were a major disaster.

I tested the full backup first. Restored from tape to disk, imported into Veeam with no problem. Tested some VM restores. Everything was fine.

The problem comes with the .vib restore. In order to test the incremental restore I deleted the backup from disk again. Then I restored both the .vbk and .vib files into the same directory. I imported the .vbk into Veeam but only 1 restore point is visible. The .vib file is ignored. There doesn't seem to be an option to import a .vib - I'm assuming it should pick it up if its in the same directory. I've tried deleting the backup and importing again but no dice. Nothing I do gets Veeam to recognize the forward incremental.

Obviously this is a problem because I must be able to restore a chain of full .vbk and .vib files in a disaster from tape to a new install of Veeam.

Am I missing something here?

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Re: import vib files

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello David,

That's right you should be able to see two restore points provided that you have put both files into the same folder while importing it to the backup console. Could you please run another full + incremental passes, delete backups from the console and re-import to see whether this behaviour confirms for you or not? If it does, please contact our support team for troubleshooting.


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