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Incorrect 'Success' Status, Open Snapshot

Post by dadger »

Hi, we've had an issue today with our mail server. Veeam backed up the server yesterday morning, and reported 'success', even though the snapshot removal task on the VM states 'unable to access a file since it is locked'. As its a bank holiday here in the UK, we didn't notice this, and tbh we may not have noticed it had we been in at work, as Veeam has never done this before.

Anyway, with the open snapshot, we also run a native exchange backup and obviously this filled up the LUN. We've recovered now, but has anyone else seen this with Veeam - incorrect job status? Surely it should report success only when it gets a completed status on the snapshot removal. I am running:

Veeam 4.0
vSphere vc Server 4.0.0 162856
ESX 4.0.0 175625.

I ahev just logged this with support but wondered if anyone else had seen it.

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Re: Incorrect 'Success' Status, Open Snapshot

Post by Gostev »

Hello, please update to the latest Veeam version (4.1.1) as it solves the above mentioned status issue (refer to the Release Notes document for more information on this and other new features and fixes compared to 4.0). Thanks!

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