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Jobs cannot access VMs through Vcenter

Post by durand »


We use Veeam Backup 4.1 with Vcenter 4.0.0.
We added our Vcenter server (File -> Add server -> Vcenter server) and we gave an administrator’s credentials for this Vcenter server in the SOAP connexion properties. These credentials are correct.
We tried many jobs, and every time the job starts, the snapshot is created and then we get this error :
"Retrieving VM disks information...
Failed to retrieve "SCSI (0:0) Hard disk 1" disk information.
Check VM virtual hardware configuration. GetLocalText failed Client error: Cannot authenticate user. Soap fault. Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password. .."

So we also added our ESX and ESXi servers to Veeam’s list of servers (File -> Add server -> ESX or ESXi host). And all works fine with jobs accessing to VMs directly through the ESX or ESXi hosts.

But whe would like to build jobs connected to our Vcenter.

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Jobs cannot access VMs through Vcenter

Post by Gostev »

Michel, this looks like permission issue for account you are using to add vCenter to Veeam Backup on this specific VM. Please open support call and send all logs from Help | Support information to so that we could investigate this for you. Thank you!
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Re: Jobs cannot access VMs through Vcenter

Post by SecondCity »

What was the resolution for this, as we're seeing something similar?
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Re: Jobs cannot access VMs through Vcenter

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Hello John,

Please check if you're using a proper account, also make sure you're not using special characters for the password key. If this is not the case I would recommend to contact our support team directly.

Thank you!
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Re: Jobs cannot access VMs through Vcenter

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I'm adding this here as it may help someone else in the forum. In our case, we found that one ESXi host Time config was 7 minutes behind the other 2 hosts even though we have all 3 hosts synching with the NTP Server. Probable cause was the the Software upgrade a couple days earlier. Any way, after 3 nights of backup failures on the 1st backup run, I synched all the hosts to the NTP server, on the next sheduled nightly backup run we finally got successful backups on the scheduled time and not on the retries.
Hope this helps someone!

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Re: Jobs cannot access VMs through Vcenter

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Thanks Tony for sharing information with the community, highly appreciated.
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Re: Jobs cannot access VMs through Vcenter

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In my case, the problem was that the vcenter has an 'ñ' on the password

I change it and all done!
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