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Much faster restore speeds on ESXi 4 (after enabling SSH)

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Hello all,

I couldn't find this tip anywhere on these forums yet, so I thought I'd share it.
When restoring a backup to another ESXi 4 server, I typically got 2-3 MB/sec using Network mode.
That was really slow, and after enabling SSH on ESXi 4 (via the unsupported console) I got speeds of about 10-11 MB/sec. Still a bit slow for a Gigabit network, but a whole lot better than 2-3 MB sec anyway.

To enable SSH, you can find instructions on several sites, including: ... ternative/

Please note, that after I rebooted in step 11 mentioned there, SSH still didn't start. After I logged back in and check the config file as mentioned there, the SSH line was commented again!
So, instead of rebooting I issued these commands in step 11:
ps -a | grep inetd

That gives you the process id for inetid.
Then I issued this command:
kill -HUP <process id>

Then INETD restarts itself and SSH is available right away.

However, after a reboot the SSH line is commented again and this is driving me crazy :)
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