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Need B&R v5 local and remote design advice

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I need some "been there, done that" peer review and expert advice on how best to design our v5 backup solution.
Having read the documentation and forum posts I'm still not clear on the VIB files, retention periods and ability to re-use vib or synth fulls.

I can provide more detail as needed but here's our outline:
Just upgraded to v5
We currently run reverse incrementals but are changing to standard incrementals.
We need nightly local backups, incremental.
We need monthly, quarterly and annual milestone backups.
We need to ship incremental changes to a DR site on a daily basis.
We use Veeam for all non-database (Oracle) vmdks.
We backup the databases to a datastore that is then backed up with Veeam.
Our DR site is on a narrow, shaky WAN far, far away (in other words Veeam Replication won't work)
Our DR site is offline, a cold site. The ESXi servers run other systems unless in need of a DR.
We are designed for tapeless disk-to-disk backups, but I'm concerned with retention.
Today, we are losing backups that we may need to recover a regulatory file or restore a dbms for audit.

I'm thinking:
30 day retention
Standard incrementals nightly, ship those VIB files to DR site
Weekly Synth Full (because I only get days of the week to choose from in Veeam, not # of days like 30 or 60)
Convert synth fulls to prior rollbacks
Monthly/Quarterly/Annually copy the fulls to another datastore and/or tape
In the DR I would import then apply the VIB files to the backup (sneaker net the original full), essentially a remote synth full.

Those of you shipping the VIB files, what are you doing with them at your destination sites?
How are you guys with tape solutions in the mix integrating that into your retention?
What does happen to all of those VIB files with synth full convert to prior rollbacks?
Have any of you integrated Oracle RMAN into a Veeam solution?

Thank you for your insights.
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