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Network Throttling broken?

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We are currently replicating a bunch of VMs from a remote location over IPSEC and seeing very poor read speeds whenever Network Throttling is enabled.

Our customer has 1Gbit link, so we tried to throttle at 900Mbps. This seems to affect only Hard drive 1 and maybe Hard drive 2, but suddently Hard drive 3 ++ drops to 1MB/s and sometimes 800KB/s. And just stay there until the job is finished. It will at no point go beyond 1MB/s again during the job.

This only happens when we have Network Throttling enabled. Some Replication Jobs work fine with Throttling enabled, and some just dont.

During investigation we saw this on the source site:

KbpsReadBandwidth = 38400

After a quick google search it seems like MicoolPaul has experienced weird behavior with Network Throttling and RMAN, according to this thread: ... tling-4694

We just disabled it to be able to deliver our project in time, but would be great to have an explanation to our customer as to why this happened. Because this caused an unfortunate delay.

Are there any known bugs related to Network Throttling with VBR P202303223?
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Re: Network Throttling broken?

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I checked the known bugs list and there is nothing on it. Please check with support and post the case number for reference.

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