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Non-VI Workloads Detected...

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Having deployed VEEAM backup on our ESXi 4.1 vSphere environment with iSCSI Direct SAN Access, we are observing datastore alarms in vCenter:

Non-VI workload detected on the datastore

Has anyone else experienced the same? We have the SAN permitted initiators locked down with CHAP and IQN names, so I know exactly the devices that are connecting and its only vCenter-managed ESXi hosts and VEEAM. I think in this scenario disabling the alarm is OK?

Thoughts? Experiences?

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Non-VI Workloads Detected...

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Hello Stephen,

I believe you can ignore those alarms unless there are some real misconfigurations or I/O performance issues caused by a non-ESX workload. Here is a corresponding VMware KB article for further reading: ... Id=1020651

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