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NTFS for Backup and VMFS for Replication?

Post by cjlemmer »

New to Veeam, love it! But have questions as I get going.

I've read here that for backup jobs, we want to have a LUN on our backup SAN formatted as NTFS (not VMFS) to store those backups, and I understand the arguments for that.

As far as replication jobs, would those targets need to be a VMFS formatted LUN on our backup SAN so that the files can be stored in their native format so that the VM host at our backup site (in the same location as our backup SAN), can access those replicas natively to boot them up if/when needed?

In that case, I would make 2 virtual disks in my backup SAN, one to format at NTFS for my backups, and another to format as VMFS for my replicas??????

Or is there a better way?

Thanks for any help provided.

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Re: NTFS for Backup and VMFS for Replication?

Post by Gostev »

Chad, yes that is correct and right way. Thanks!

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